Anshin Psychotherapy

Trauma-focused and EMDR Therapy

Trauma-focused and EMDR Therapy

at The Banbury Therapy Centre

I offer heart-centred therapy blending Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices grounded in cutting edge science. Transformation is my expertise and passion.

Counselling for personality disorder and trauma.
EMDR therapy for PTSD and complex PTSD
Trauma therapist based in Banbury

What I can help with

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'Anshin' is a Japanese word often found in Buddhist literature meaning 'peaceful mind' or 'heart at peace'.

How I Work

My aim is to integrate a coherent combination of cognitive, emotional and somatic, trauma-focused approaches within a supportive therapeutic relationship to help facilitate new meaning, new possibilities and new choices to enable you to live a more fulfilling, meaningful and liberated life.

About Me

Hi and welcome to my website. I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for help for yourself or a loved one. Let me say a little about myself.

I am a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, trauma and EMDR therapist with over 30 years’ experience of working in mental health with a wide range of issues. Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire I can help people who have experienced trauma many of whom have been told they have a personality disorder.

I am a secular Buddhist and for me Buddhism is a spiritual training and practice and not a religion. I have found that meditation practice and the study of Buddhism has greatly affected my life. A large part of my life is my therapeutic work and time and time again Buddhist ideas have shown up for me and my clients. I combine the philosophical and contemplative practices of Buddhism with western psychology and neuroscience to inform my trauma work.

My Thoughts and Musings

Spirituality and Therapy

So, recently, we’ve had Easter (Christian), Eid (Muslim) and Wesak (Buddhist) which got me to thinking about spirituality and the role of spirituality in psychotherapy.

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Radical Acceptance

So, this follows on from my last post wherein I mentioned “acceptance” and explored how this is important in therapy. Tara Brach talks about “radical

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